It’s time to rethink investments.
Are you thinking of thinking differently?
"If you keep doing what you always do,
you’ll just get what you always get."
- Albert Einstein >20 billion assets under
our advice
>150 years donated profits offices of investment
to our
charitable trust
Gauteng &
Western Cape
- Benjamin Graham We empower our clients to develop a risk culture to thereby ensure risk efficient portfolios. “The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.” >150 years highest 10 years 13 years of investment
ratio in the industry
core team
average experience
per team member
Our core team has more than 150 years of investment experience and has been working together in excess of 10 years. "In investing, experience is not only the best teacher, it’s the only teacher.” - Charles D. Ellis author of “Winning the Losers Game” >150 years highest 10 years 13 years of investment
ratio in the industry
core team
average experience
per team member
We have a passionate commitment to share investment ideas to help others succeed. With more than R20 billion in asset under advice are we one of the largest truly independent advisors in South Africa. “To invest with success, you must be a long-term investor.” - John Clifton Bogle We always
Different to
the crowd
Our world class, rigorous and proven quantitative and qualitative due diligence process ensures that all our clients are presented with the best investment opportunities. "Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth." - Paul Clitheroe Manager
& selection
>30 PeerGroup
The asset classes, investment managers and funds in which to invest and the cost thereof is just as important as how much you save for retirement. "We always count." - GraySwan motto Retirement
Tax Free
Risk Cover
- George S. Clason - from the book, “The richest man in Babylon” Our brand is what other people say when we are not in the room. "Consult with wise men. Let their wisdom protect thy treasure from unsafe investments." >20 billion >150 years donated profits offices assets under
our advice
of investment
to our
charitable trust
Gauteng &
Western Cape
- Benjamin Graham We empower our clients to develop a risk culture to thereby ensure risk efficient portfolios. “The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.” >150 years highest 10 years 13 years of investment
ratio in the industry
core team
average experience
per team member

GraySwan is an award winning independent investment advisory and wealth management company.

We provide investment advice and wealth management solutions to institutional, corporate family office and private client investors.

We are one of the most experienced independent investment advisory and wealth management businesses in South Africa. The core of our team has been working together for more than 10 years. We currently advise to more than R20 billion in assets and our clients are top performers in the industry. Our competitive edge is the wealth of our local and offshore investment experience and the depth and strength and stability of our investment team.

Our superior track record is proof of a successful and robust investment process that has been developed and enhanced over the past two decades.

We are a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and have previously been awarded as the Responsible Investment Consultant of the Year. This award is testimony to our unique and leading edge approach of incorporating best practice Responsible Investing principles into our investment advisory and wealth management approach.

We believe that our independence, our wealth of experience, our stable team and our superior service ethos and excellent long term track record differentiates us from our peers.

We are our clients long term investment thinking partners and we care. Our GraySwanCharitable Trust is proof of our philosophy to make a living by what we get but to make a life by what we give. It’s in our DNA and part of our journey.

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GraySwan Milestone

GraySwan celebrates 10 years

To celebrate with us, we invite you to watch this interview of two of our founders as they reflect on the past ten years, the next ten years and share some special moments of the journey.

GraySwan celebrates 10 years – Read here

Get to know us

Our corporate video introduction

Want to get to know GraySwan a little bit better? Watch our corporate video for a summary overview of the full range of services we offer and why our brand is in such growing demand.

Charitable Trust Update – Read here

Umbrella Funds June 2021 Research Evaluating Umbrella Funds An umbrella fund is a retirement product that allows multiple employers to use a single pension - or provident fund structure to help their employees save for retirement while being managed by a professional Board of Trustees.

Whether an employer wishes to review their existing umbrella fund offering or is considering implementing a new retirement fund offering for employees, there are numerous aspects to evaluate before making a final decision on the right umbrella fund provider for your company.

GraySwan, have a dedicated investment advisory team that empowers employers to either review their umbrella fund offering or to help select a superior umbrella fund offering. Our current umbrella fund clients are our ambassadors and can testify to our high conviction, transparent offering, and high-quality member communication.
Continue reading here Watch video here
Charitable Trust April 2021 Newsletter The GraySwan Charitable Trust Newsletter Hope, in general, means a desire for things to change for the better and to want that better situation very much. To have hope is to want an outcome that makes your life better in some way. The volunteers of the GraySwan Charitable Trust aims to help make a tough present situation for the less privileged more bearable. It motivates children to eventually improve their lives by envisioning a better future for them by taking steps to make it happen. By giving them a pair of shoes, it helps them to take those steps with dignity. To walk with a purpose.

During the past twelve months, the GraySwan Charitable Trust managed to distribute products and funds to the value of R2.3 million. Please read our latest newsletter, where we share with you the power of hope and love and how we can all continue doing good beautifully.
Continue reading here
Alternative Credit Insights Alternative Credit Alternative credit, private debt, structured credit and speciality finance are all investment strategies and groups of investment strategies that have historically been overlooked in multi-asset class balanced portfolios where fixed income exposure is normally just the inclusion of listed government and corporate nominal and inflation-linked bonds.

There are numerous sub-strategies within the umbrella of alternative credit, each focusing on different sources of return, and each, providing excellent diversification. Alternative credit can be more complex than listed strategies, and further, these investments are less liquid, but when accessed by selecting the best experts in each field, combining a number of diversifying sub-strategies and by managing liquidity, the investment case is highly compelling - read our latest snippet for the first instalment discussing Alternative Credit and why you could benefit from learning more...
Read here: Alternative Credit
Megatrends Insights Megatrends are the new normal. We teamed up with our offshore partner, Absolute Return Partners, a UK based company who are an owner-managed alternative investment advisory business to bring you our latest research piece, Megatrends are the new normal.

Megatrends are reshaping the world we live in, wiping out no-longer relevant industries and paving the way for the new. Since we expect global equity markets to muddle through in the next decade, we need to think about new areas of growth. This article will address emerging megatrends and sub-themes, and how investors can tap into the future.
Read here: Megatrends are the new normal
ScoreCards Insights Latest Summary ScoreCards Every month we produce a range of reports to empower our clients to stay abreast of the movements in investment markets as well as the performance of investment managers who manage the assets of our clients.

We produce more than 30 detailed monthly Peer Group Investment Manager ScoreCards (where every report is in excess of 30 pages of analyses), we only publish a summary publicly available report which incorporates 8 of these ScoreCards.

Our clients have access to the entire range of ScoreCards as such empowers them to monitor the peer relative performance and risk of their selected investment managers and to make informed decisions.
View latest Summary ScoreCard here
Coronavirus response Insights GraySwan signs investor statement on Coronavirus response GraySwan has joined 275 long-term instutional investors representing over $7.7 trillion USD in assets under management, in becoming a signatory of the investor statement on Coronavirus response.
Wealth Management Services

Giving someone the responsibility to manage, increase & maintain your wealth is one of the most important decisions you will make.

We believe that our independence, our wealth of investment consulting experience, our previous offshore investment management experience and our superior service ethos to a select a range of premium private client investors is exactly what differentiates us from the market. Read more about services.

Download Wealth Management Services
Investment Consulting Services

We are an award-winning investment consulting business and our clients are top performers. We service our clients with integrity, ruthless objectivity and independent thinking.

Herewith we provide you with pertinent information about our investment consulting services for institutional investors. We believe that the information will empower you to make an informed decision regarding whether you wish to appoint us as your long term strategic investment thinking partner.

Download Investment Consulting Services
Markets and Industry Update

As with our motto, “always count”, we test and verify everything. Our monthly Market Summary Report keep our clients updated on the local and offshore markets’ short, medium and long term performance.

We also conduct more than 30 different detailed investment funds peer group ScoreCards.  We publish the 8 most used ScoreCards only in summary format for public usage. Access to the detailed reports or access to the other 22 ScoreCards is available on request. 

Monthly Report
Unit Trust Funds

We are redefining wealth management as we empower our private clients to invest with the best investment managers and unit trust funds at low institutional cost structures. We have successfully extended our proven advisory approach to private investors.

Albeit that we tailor-make our solutions for our High Net Worth clients, we also offer a core range of fund of funds for those investors who require a multi-asset class and multi-manager solutions which is Regulation 28 compliant and aims to yield returns in excess of inflation. 

Cautious FoF
Moderate FoF
Aggressive FoF

There’s a story for everything. GraySwan has an inspiring one too…

Our Story
Our Charitable Trust
Our Team

Press Release

Offshore Megatrend Investing Offers Rich Rewards

“Leading institutional investment advisory and private wealth management expert, GraySwan Investments has been gearing up as the appetite for different thinking across the universe of offshore investment opportunities grows within its South African client base.” Read about our economic views in our latest press release by Enterprise Africa.

View Here

Latest Videos

Evaluating Umbrella FundsMart-Marie De Jongh
Recorded Webinar -March 2021 Update Cautious FoF
Young Researchers -Carbon Footprint by Matthew & Christopher Bodill
Offshore Investment Optionsby Mart-Marie De Jongh
Foreign Exchanged Explainedby Mart-Marie De Jongh
Young Researchers -Climate Change by Chanel Theron

Latest Research

Evaluating Umbrella Funds
Evaluating Umbrella Funds
June 2021 (5min read)
Watch our video below where Mart-Marie De Jongh explains the key factors we focus on when Evaluating Umbrella Funds.
Debt Markets
Debt Markets Explained
May 2021 (6min read)
Debt instruments, bond market investments & fixed-income funds are not as well understood by investors as shares, equity instruments & equity funds. Philippa Owen explains the different classifications & their importance.
Am I saving enough
Am I saving enoughfor retirements?
April 2021 (3min read)
Mart-Marie de Jongh looks at a couple of simple calculation methods to assist you with determining your current level of retirement savings.
Alternative Credit
March 2021 (4min read)
Alternative credit is simply defined as any credit that is not core or traditional investment-grade corporate or sovereign
debt (fixed income strategies). Let Duncan Theron explain the risks and benefits.
What do you expect from your wealth manager
What do you expect from your wealth manager
January 2021 (4min read)
It is a great honour and responsibility to be entrusted with managing someone else’s financial and investment affairs. Tania Theron tackles the big question – what do you expect from your wealth manager?
Forex -
Forex -Now is the time
January 2021 (7min read)
Tania Theron looks at the past and the current state of the Rand and why this is the time to further diversify investments by moving funds abroad.
Megatrends -
Megatrends -Climate Change
December 2020 (13min read)
Niels Jensen, Chief Investments Officer from our offshore partners, Absolute Return Partners, gives us more insight into one of the most potent of the six megatrends, Climate Change.
What you need to know about Foreign Exchange
What you need to know about Foreign Exchange
November 2020 (5min read)
Braam Bredenkamp breaks down the history of the South African Rand, some facts about our currency, how we assist our clients to transfer money offshore and what the Rand’s future trajectory might look like.

A STUDY ON HAPPINESS “Since their appointment in 2010, GraySwan’s advice has resulted in a significant improvement in our investment results. On a past 12 month basis, our performance now rank under the top performers in the country.” - HF Botha, Trustee LA Retirement Fund What our institutional
clients have to say...
A STUDY ON HAPPINESS “Although we are not the biggest client of GraySwan, the level of service that we have received is excellent and their dedication towards professional service delivery is admirable.” - Dr. Prieur du Plessis Previous Investment Committee Chairman Institute of Directors in Southern Africa What our corporate
clients have to say...
A STUDY ON HAPPINESS “We first entrusted the GraySwan Team with our investment portfolio more than 3 years ago. To date they have been outperforming our expectation by showing consistent growth and exceeding the market average.” - Personal Investor Client What our private wealth
clients have to say...
A STUDY ON HAPPINESS "GraySwan has served the Fund with great success and to the entire satisfaction of the Trustees.“ - A Pretorius, Phumula Retirement Fund What our institutional
clients have to say...
A STUDY ON HAPPINESS “Apart from their competence, we appreciate most, the energy and passion they display in dealing with us as their clients. The sound leadership of this team and appreciation for strong values and ethics also reflects in the quality of work and conduct of the rest of the team.” - Tania van Tonder Human Resources Executive PERI What our corporate
clients have to say...
A STUDY ON HAPPINESS "GraySwan, by utilising modern tools for analysis, combined with regular communication and portfolio performance reviews, removes the mystery and uncertainty from financial planning." - Personal Investor Client What our private wealth
clients have to say...
A STUDY ON HAPPINESS “The level of service is impressive at every level of the GraySwan team. I believe that you live up to your statement of being a 'passionate, experienced and cohesive investment advisory team'." - Cathy Fivaz Actuarial Consultant to the Attorneys Fidelity Fund What our institutional
clients have to say...

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