Tania Theron

Head of GraySwan Wealth

“never touch anything with half of your heart.”

Tania is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has a keen interest for taxation legislation. She cuts no corners and her perfectionistic eye misses no detail – she has the ability to think of everything that never even occurred to you. Her pedantic disciplined and organized work ethic makes it a delight for clients to be in her presence. Every task is performed effortlessly and she implements and executes transactions while you have a worry-free investment experience. Her previous work experience at one of South Africa’s largest accounting firms and also at one of the biggest banks trained her to build strong client relationships through service excellence.

Her professional excellence is uniquely combined with a passionate and purpose-driven heart. She manages the GraySwan Charitable Trust together with three other trustees. Giving and helping is a devotion the entire team at GraySwan infinitely pursues. It’s part of our DNA as we allocate 10% of our profits to our direct community.

Her precision and perfection aren’t just a matter of professionalism; she is an avid golfer and hits the ball with the accuracy only a CA possesses. If she’s not being a supermom to her 3 kids, she mountain bikes, attends charitable events or explores the countless cuisine secrets that the Winelands has to offer.

B Com Accounting Degree;
Certificate in the Theory of Accounting;
B Com Accounting Honours;
Advanced Certificate in Auditing;
Higher Diploma in Tax;
Chartered Accountant;
First Level Regulatory Examination: Representatives;
First Level Regulatory Examination: FSPs (sole proprietors) and Key Individuals in Categories I, II, IIA, III and IV.