Investing is a world where every investment manager claims to be absolutely terrific, the term “alpha” is used consistently but proof of such is not easily found and where skill can typically be backed up with some or other performance analytics which suit the investment manager.

However, across asset classes such as local and offshore equities, most investment managers actually underperform the market, making active management a losers’ game within these asset classes unless you have the skill to select superior investment managers and furthermore blend them in an optimal and robust manner to provide superior low-cost risk-adjusted returns.

With more than 100 years’ experience in researching and selecting superior investment managers, GraySwan assists institutional as well as private client investors to select superior active investment managers and then further optimally combines such with low cost passively managed funds in a cost-effective diversified portfolio of investments. It’s not about active versus passive management but the combination thereof that provides investors with the best chance to outperform the market.

We cover more than 1,200 segregated unique investment manager mandates and more than 50,000 unit trusts and exchange-traded funds. Our summary ScoreCards provides a publicly available snapshot of our quantitative skills and our proprietary SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) rating process. Such publicly available ScoreCards are only a small sample of the detailed ScoreCards and other reports which we produce for our clients.

We use these ScoreCards and our SWAN rating process as an initial screening methodology in our investment manager research process. We typically look for funds that score a minimum of a 3 SWAN rating consistently over the short, medium and long term with a strong preference for 4 SWAN and 5 SWAN rated funds. Such funds are then considered for further qualitative due diligence which forms the most important part of our selection process. We know very well that past performance provides no unique insights into the future performance but at least it provides us with a solid base to spend our time on managers that have proven they have the required skills to outperform the market.

We have regrouped our ScoreCards into five different publications grouped according to asset class as follows:


Market Statistics

Every month we produce a range of reports to empower our clients to stay abreast of the movements in investment markets as well as the performance of investment managers who manage the assets of our clients.

Our Market Statistics encapsulate the short, medium and long-term performance and risk of our local as well as offshore markets.

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