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Investing is a world where every investment manager claims to be absolutely terrific, the term “alpha” is used consistently but proof of such is not easily found and where skill can typically be backed up with some or other performance analytics which suit the investment manager.

Welcome to the world of investing, where investment managers strive to showcase their skills, and the elusive “alpha” remains an ever-present buzzword. Evidence of consistent outperformance is not always apparent, and therefore investors have to use detailed performance and risk analytics to find skilful managers.

Across various asset classes, such as local and offshore equities, most investment managers underperform the market. This reality can turn investment manager and fund selection into a challenging and perhaps a losers-game for any investor, unless the investor really possesses the time and expertise to identify superior investment managers and, even more important, optimally blend them into a robust and cost-effective portfolio that yields superior risk-adjusted returns.

At GraySwan, our portfolio managers have honed their experience over two decades of researching and selecting investment managers and funds for investors for many of the largest and most esteemed investors in South Africa and abroad.

Our comprehensive coverage extends to over 1,200 segregated unique investment manager mandates and an impressive selection of more than 50,000 local and offshore unit trusts and exchange-traded funds.

To demonstrate our quantitative expertise, we offer a few publicly available summary ScoreCards showcasing our proprietary SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) rating process.

While these public ScoreCards provide a glimpse of our capabilities, they are just a fraction of the range of more detailed ScoreCards and comprehensive reports we conduct to select superior managers and funds for our clients.

Our investment manager research process starts with an initial screening methodology using the ScoreCards and SWAN ratings. We seek funds that consistently maintain a minimum 3 SWAN rating across short, medium, and long terms, strongly favouring those rated 4 SWAN and 5 SWAN. These superior-rated funds then undergo rigorous qualitative due diligence, which constitutes another vital aspect of our selection process. We understand that past performance is not a predictor for future performance, but it serves as a solid foundation to focus our efforts on managers who have demonstrated the skills required to outperform the market.

To facilitate ease of access and understanding, we have thoughtfully categorized our ScoreCards into four distinct summary publications, each tailored to specific asset classes.