2017 is already a distant memory. “Direction determines destination” was our motto at the beginning of last year. We ambitiously set out to do many things during 2017 and we are proud to say we have accomplished our objectives. It was in many ways a watershed year for GraySwan.


Mettle Investments acquired a shareholding in our business. Mettle is known for innovation in the creation of specialised financial lending solutions. We are truly excited about our new business partner as their DNA and business culture is a perfect match.


Batseta (our industry body) awarded GraySwan as the responsible investment consultant for the year. We have now also been nominated for the 2017 awards in two categories i.e. as investment consultant of the year and also for responsible investment consultant of the year. Such awards and nominations are testimony to our investment consulting aproach which have been developed over the past two decades and that works.


Our client base has grown to in excess of R20 billion in institutional and private clients. Our clients have continued to yield top performance relative to their short, medium and long term performance targets and also versus the institutional and unit trust peer groups.


We attracted our first discretionary investment consulting client – we call such service “Outsourced Chief Investment Officer” (OCIO). Whereas most retirement fund investors apppoint their investment consultant on a non-discretionary mandate with no decision making authority do we have discretion to advise but also to make decisions on behalf of the client and to then manage their assets more dynamically but within a well defined investment framework. We believe more clients will consider such services going forward as the investment markets are much more dynamic and volatile and uncertain than before and investors need to manage their assets more pro-actively and decisions need to be made more timeously and implemented much faster.


We have strengthened our team with three new appointments. Albeit that our team is already one of the most experienced in the investment consulting and wealth management industry do we always grow such pro-actively to cater for new growth in our business. Collectively our team has more than 110 years of investment experience. Our core investment advisory team has been together for more than 10 years and has on average 17 years of experience. We have not lost any investment advisors since the inception of our business thereby making our advisory team the most stable team in the industry.


Our wealth management business which we launched four years ago is growing from strength to strength. We successfully launched three risk profiled Fund of Funds investment portfolios for our private clients and albeit that the portfolios are only 6 months old the performance rank top decile (top 10%) versus its peers and the total fees are bottom quartile versus peers. We believe there is a material gap in the retail market to provide superior investment solutions at lower fees and we will continue to find superior cost effective solutions for our private clients.


Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” The GraySwan Charitable Trust via its “Walk with a Purpose” shoe project has raised more than R 235,000 this year in support for charity and have distributed more than 4,000 pair of shoes to underpriviledged schools in the Helderberg area. Since the inception of the shoe project two years ago has it raised more than R350,000 and have distributed more than 6,000 pairs of shoes to underpriviledged schools. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” We are not just an investment consulting and wealth management business – we care! It’s part of our journey here at GraySwan.

Thank you to each client who chose us to be the custodian of your investments. Our journey is not possible without your wonderful and unwaivering support and belief in our business. Collectively have we taken the road less travelled and that is making all the difference.

On behalf of the GraySwan team.

Best regards,


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