GraySwan Investments provides investment advisory services to institutional investors such as retirement funds,   endowments, corporate clients and wealth management services to family offices as well as private clients. Our strength is our extensive investment and risk advisory and investment monitoring experience which we have gained over the past fifteen years. We are our clients’ global long term strategic investment thinking partners.

The purpose of an Investment Review is to provide an independent “second opinion” whether an investment strategy and structure as well as the selected investment managers and funds as well as the related fees paid for such could be enhanced. Our experience of working in both the local investment advisory industry and the offshore investment management industry, where we either consulted to or managed most of the largest institutional funds’ assets in South Africa, puts us in a position to provide recommendations, which we believe are Global Best Practice for any investor.

An Investment Review service incorporates a review of the following:

  • Investment strategy;
  • Investment structure;
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS);
  • Responsible Investment Policy;
  • Rebalancing and Transition Management Policy;
  • Securities Lending Policy and the
  • Transaction Cost Policy.

As part of the Investment Review, we also provide a quantitative as well as qualitative review of –

  • Each of the investment managers invested in versus their defined benchmarks and performance targets a as well as versus their respective peer groups;
  • All the investment managers’ contractual arrangements i.e. the investment management agreement and the mandates;
  • The performance targets, benchmarks and risk guidelines used by the investor and the selected investment managers;
  • Current fee structures of the selected investment managers and the relative attractiveness thereof in the industry.

Where no Policies exist we could provide the investor with draft Policies post the Investment Review.

In order for us to be able to conduct an Investment Review, we will need the following information from the investor (in electronic format):

  • An outline of the investment strategy and structure;
  • A copy of all the various Policies implemented by the investor;
  • Each of the signed investment manager mandates;
  • Monthly investment manager performance, net and gross of all fees, as from inception (in excel format);
  • Monthly investment manager market values as from their inception (in excel format).

We believe an Investment Review is of material value to any investor, whether you’re a Trustee of a large retirement fund or a private investor which requires a second opinion.

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