Giving someone the responsibility to manage, increase and maintain your wealth is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. 


This summary outline provides you with pertinent information about our company and the wealth management services which we provide. We believe that the information will empower you to make an informed decision regarding whether you wish to appoint us as your wealth manager and strategic long term investment thinking partner.

“Black Swan” events are random and unexpected. They are the unpredictable unknowns such as Brexit and Trump. “GraySwans”, as we coined the term and named our business, are those risks that can be identified and which may have unintended consequences for the investor.

At GraySwan we do not intend to predict the unpredictable. Our unique, refreshing and high conviction wealth management approach empowers investors to identify risks and then to pro-actively manage such risks in their investment portfolios or to avoid such risks. The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns. We empower our clients to yield superior long term and sustainable risk adjusted returns.

GraySwan is an award winning independent wealth management company with offices in Somerset West and in Johannesburg. We are a performance and service excellence driven business and take great pride in our work, our proprietary research and our superior long term track record.

We focus our attention on investment consulting to institutional investors and wealth management to corporates, family offices and private clients. We’re actually in the business of customer service. We offer a boutique, premium and world-class service to our clients.

Our depth of collective experience of more than 90 years of providing investment consulting and investment management services to most of the most prestigious institutional funds in the country, perfectly positions us to assist any private client investor. Today we advise and manage in excess of R600 million of private client assets and they are also top performers versus their peers. Our private clients range between R1 million in assets to R20 million in assets.

We are proud to say that since inception of our business in 2010, we are already one of the leading independent investment consulting and wealth management businesses in South Africa in terms of the depth and strength and stability of our investment consulting team and the top performing track records of our clients.

We believe that our independence, our wealth of investment consulting experience, our previous offshore investment management experience and our superior service ethos to a select range of premium private client investors is exactly what differentiates us from the market.

Our brand is what other people say about us when we’re not in the room.

“ Since their appointment, GraySwan’s investment advice has resulted in a marked improvement in our investment results. We have furthermore been impressed by their work ethic and attention to detail when investigating opportunities or scrutinising investment manager performance. We are particularly pleased by GraySwan’s uncompromising attitude towards staying independent, since it is important to us that our investment consultant does not have conflicting interests that could impact on the absolute objectivity of their advice.”

– Herman Botha

“ The GraySwan team creates a sense of trust and transparency from the initial meeting which continues to unfold as the relationship develops to provide an individual person or company with outstanding tailored financial services.

The difference with GraySwan is, you deal with a dynamic group of people specialising in their field, not one individual in a large commercial organisation (which is often the case). In those cases, the individual relationship is normally neglected, resulting in an ineffective financial planning situation and financial drag. With GraySwan, management fees and services is an upfront discussion.

GraySwan, by utilising modern tools for analysis, combined with regular communication and portfolio performance reviews, removes the mystery and uncertainty from financial planning.”

– Peet Strydom

The core of our private client wealth management team has been working together for more than a decade. As noted, our collective investment experience exceeds a 110 years of advising to and managing investors’ assets in South Africa. Since the inception of GraySwan we have not lost any investment consultants or senior members of the team making us one of the most stable and experienced wealth management teams in the industry.

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