Attractive opportunity to maximise your investment returns, with the flexibility of a call account.

How to benefit?

  • You receive the average of the top four qualifying money market funds without the inconvenience or cost of switching between funds.
  • Liquidity – you have instant access on cleared funds.
  • No bank fees applicable.
  • Exposure is not limited to one fund.
  • Guarantees can be issued off the CCM Money Fund account.

How does the product work?


Interest Rates – Keeping ahead of the best

The average of the top four eligible money market funds is applied to the Corporate Cash Manager Call Money Fund daily.

Based on qualifying (1) criteria, the following money market funds are assessed to determine qualification and rate when pricing the Corporate Cash Manager Call Money Fund.


Invest now

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(1) Fund selection criteria are subject to change and the number of ranked funds may change from time to time. Investec accepts no responsibility for changes in the fund or fund rankings.

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