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  • Investment Manager Selection – Winning the losers game
    Investment Consulting   Learning Curve
    When prospective new investment managers made presentations to the Fund, it was often proved that GraySwan had more knowledge of their history than the presenters. Consistent evaluation of investment managers was done and acted upon even when changes in teams dealing with our mandates were not reported by the...
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  • Can Global Equity Funds outperform the market?
    Learning Curve   Wealth Management
    The changes in Regulation 28 allowing investors to invest up to 25% of its assets with offshore investment managers and an additional 5% in African investments (excluding South Africa) has placed a renewed focus on offshore investment strategy and investment manager selection. Outperforming the markets after fees consistently is not...
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  • Tracker Funds & Passive Investing
    Investment Consulting   Learning Curve
    Tracker funds presents itself as powerful investing tools that can be used in conjunction with active investing to anchor a portfolio’s returns close to the index and to reduce costs. Just like any tool it should be used for the right purpose to avoid sub-optimal results. What is Passive Investing? Passive...
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  • Is There Money in Responsible Investing?
    Learning Curve   Responsible Investing
    Winston Churchill expressed it best when he said, “The price of greatness is responsibility. Responsible Investing is a balancing act. Investors have to balance positive ambitions for a better world with the practical implications of implementing their long term investment strategy in search of superior returns. There is no question...
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  • Cost-drag on investment performance
    Learning Curve   Wealth Management
     “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” - John.F Kennedy Introduction If you were a pro-cyclist trying to win the Argus and you could (legally and honestly) increase your chances of reaching your goal by just shaving off some weight...
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  • Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds and Platforms
    Investment Consulting   Learning Curve
    Let’s look at the difference between hedge funds and “traditional” funds, as well as three different approaches to accessing hedge funds with an outline of advantages, disadvantages and costs. The revised Regulation 28 has sparked renewed interest in hedge funds as an investment destination. Let’s explore the difference between hedge funds and “traditional” funds, as...
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  • The Costs of Entering Africa
    Learning Curve
    Africa presents investors with enticing opportunities. The question remains whether this comes at too high a cost. In this article we focus on the listed equity asset class and identify the costs around investing in listed equity in Africa. The investor will need to be aware of 3 layers of...
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  • Debt Markets Explained
    Learning Curve
    Debt instruments include nominal bonds, index linked bonds (ILBs) and money market instruments. These instruments are grouped under debt as their characteristics are similar to loans where the investor lends money to a company who pays back the “loan” with regular payments. These instruments can either be listed such as...
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  • 10 Questions Trustees should ask
    Learning Curve
    10 Questions Trustees should ask Investment consultants are Trustees’ long-term strategic investment thinking partners. When selecting a consultant the Trustees therefore need to make a long-term decision. Selecting an investment manager is all about the four “p’s” i.e. philosophy, process, people and performance. So, why should selecting an investment consultant be any...
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