Investment Consulting

  • Investment Consulting
    Investment Consulting
    We are an award-winning investment consulting business and our clients are top performers. “Black Swan” events are random and unexpected. They are the unpredictable unknowns such as Brexit and Trump. “GraySwans”, as we coined the term and named our business, are those risks that can be identified and which may have unintended adverse...
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  • Investment Review
    Investment Consulting
    GraySwan Investments provides investment advisory services to institutional investors such as retirement funds,   endowments, corporate clients and wealth management services to family offices as well as private clients. Our strength is our extensive investment and risk advisory and investment monitoring experience which we have gained over the past...
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  • Hedging Services
    Investment Consulting
    WHAT IS HEDGING? The best way to understand the concept of “hedging” is to think of it as a type of insurance. Hedging in its simplest form refers to an action or investment strategy which aims to protect the investor from a potential loss in investment value. When an investor...
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  • Performance and Risk Reporting
    Investment Consulting
    The South African investment landscape has changed since the introduction of the Reforms by the National Treasury. As a result there are now more fiduciary responsibilities on the part of Trustees to ensure that, among other things, investment managers meet investors’ expectations. To this end, Trustees have to ensure...
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  • Investment Training
    Investment Consulting
    Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act requires retirement fund Trustees to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into their decision making processes. What is Responsible Investment and why is the investment world making such a fuss about it? Although Trustees may make use of the services of experts,...
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  • Investment Manager Selection – Winning the losers game
    Investment Consulting   Learning Curve
    When prospective new investment managers made presentations to the Fund, it was often proved that GraySwan had more knowledge of their history than the presenters. Consistent evaluation of investment managers was done and acted upon even when changes in teams dealing with our mandates were not reported by the...
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  • Tracker Funds & Passive Investing
    Investment Consulting   Learning Curve
    Tracker funds presents itself as powerful investing tools that can be used in conjunction with active investing to anchor a portfolio’s returns close to the index and to reduce costs. Just like any tool it should be used for the right purpose to avoid sub-optimal results. What is Passive Investing? Passive...
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  • Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds and Platforms
    Investment Consulting   Learning Curve
    Let’s look at the difference between hedge funds and “traditional” funds, as well as three different approaches to accessing hedge funds with an outline of advantages, disadvantages and costs. The revised Regulation 28 has sparked renewed interest in hedge funds as an investment destination. Let’s explore the difference between hedge funds and “traditional” funds, as...
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  • Why Securities Lending?
    Investment Consulting
    Knowledge has become the key resource of the world economy. Securities lending is critical to enhance the optimal functioning of securities markets by adding liquidity and to support trading activities and strategies in all major markets. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  Securities lending adds liquidity and efficiency to the securities markets and supports trading activities...
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