Good investment ideas matter.

Let us guide you to sufficiently save and optimally invest your money.  Our wealth of experience and professional advice will make your dreams a reality.

Government encourages savings and therefore initiated Tax Free Savings Accounts that enable you to invest up to R33 000 per tax year and a maximum contribution of R500 000 in total that will be free of interest, capital gains and dividend tax.

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For your individual savings and discretionary investments we help you to find cost-effective solutions to sufficiently save and optimally invest your money.

We help you to understand how much to save in Tax Free Savings Accounts and how much to save in pure unit trusts or even exchange traded funds or direct share trading accounts. We help you tailor a robust and well-diversified portfolio that will position your assets for optimal growth and wealth accumulation within a suitable and pre-defined risk tolerance.

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Pre-school, primary school, high school, university. Planning for your children’s education can be a daunting task. Saving timeously for your children’s future education is critical as costs continue to skyrocket. We assist you to plan well ahead and to sufficiently save to ensure your children have a prosperous future.

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If you are a sophisticated investor who, like us, has a passion for investments, we assist you to select the most suitable stockbroker and to set up a cost-effective direct share trading portfolio where you can trade directly in local and offshore shares via your selected stockbroker. This allows you to personally be involved in the management of your investments.

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We think and act global. Opportunities exist for those who are prepared to look. We assist you to adequately and seamlessly diversify your investments offshore, be it across developed or developing countries. Our previous offshore management experience provides us with insight to assist you to implement a well-diversified offshore strategy.

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If you are a sophisticated investor who wishes to use protection strategies to optimally manage your market or currency exposure, we help you to implement protection that meet your specific needs.

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You should be looking forward to retirement.

Saving for retirement is an on-going financial journey. Too many people start investing too late or too little at unnecessary high costs and at insufficient levels of risk.

Our professional guidance and advice removes the uncertainty of the unknown. We help you to invest your money at an appropriate level of risk in a cost-effective solution that provides optimal tax benefits. Let us assist you to plan ahead.

It is never too early to start saving for retirement. Pre-retirement planning mostly takes the form of a lump sum investment or a continuous monthly contribution. The secret is to be committed to continuous contributions and to implement the most appropriate risk profiled investment solution.
We assist individuals who are retrenched or moving jobs. The secret is to not delve into your savings but to continue to preserve your wealth. We provide optimal solutions to assist you to continue on the path of saving for your retirement while ensuring your financial freedom.
If you are retired or about to retire we assist you to invest what you have accumulated up to now to provide you with a monthly income that will sustain your lifestyle, without outliving your savings.

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Intentionally steward your legacy.

No matter how modest or how sizeable, everyone has an estate. An estate comprises of everything you own. When you pass away your estate will go to whoever you bequeathed it. Taxes and administration costs at death can be significant and may impact your heir’s inheritance if you do not sufficiently plan ahead.

We assist you with:

  • Drafting or reviewing your will.
  • Calculating taxes and costs applicable to your estate on death.
  • Reviewing the liquidity of your estate.
  • Providing recommendations regarding any shortcomings.

Estate Planning not only considers the succession of your wealth but also takes care of debt obligations, unpaid taxes, business liabilities, car loans, mortgages etc.  It provides you ease of mind that your loved ones will not experience unnecessary financial turmoil during difficult times. It provides guidance on how to steward your legacy according to your wishes and instructions. Estate Planning is an ongoing process that should be reviewed and updated as your financial situation changes over your lifetime.

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You can sleep well at night.

No one can predict the future or unfortunate events such as death and disability. However, we can position you to be adequately protected against potential losses and to minimize the impact thereof.

We offer you advice on:

  • Life cover.
  • Disability cover.
  • Income protection.
  • Critical illness cover.
  • Funeral cover.
  • Educational cover.

Additionally, we can guide you to be sure your medical aid and short term insurance are sufficient to protect your family and your lifestyle.

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