Kobus Fouché

Head of Reporting & Senior Investment Consultant

 “beyond the measurement of money”

Kobus’s extraordinary ability to be clear-sighted amidst complex and dynamic market conditions allow our clients to fearlessly and unemotionally navigate through volatile and uncertain territories. He intelligently combines mathematical thinking and systematic modelling into practical and realistic solutions for investors. His prudent analytical insights and sophisticated programming skills enable him to build authentic monitoring and reporting systems. With an unbiased and objective viewpoint he is brilliantly positioned to fulfil his role as Head of Reporting and Senior Investment Consultant.

He has 11 years’ investment experience of which 7 years as an investment consultant and 4 years in offshore alternative investment management. He has worked with Duncan and Gregoire his entire career and the tight knitted team phenomenally complements each other. You can be at ease as he understands intricate investment methodologies on your behalf.

Born and raised in Pretoria, he has great love for the Bushveld, loves to be off-road whether it is in his bakkie or his trail runner shoes and remains a Blue Bull fan.

BSc Financial and Actuarial Mathematics degree;
Honours degree in Mathematical Statistics (Cum Laude);
Financial Services Board Regulatory Exams.