Get a second opinion.

It is best practice to have an independent review conducted on your current investment strategy. We provide objective recommendations as to where enhancements can be made, transparency increased and fees reduced. Our recommendations serve as a “second opinion” to ensure that global best practice is implemented and that you are optimally positioned to reach your performance objectives.

We review the following aspects of your investment strategy:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation.
  • Rebalancing framework.
  • Fund and investment manager benchmarks, performance targets and risk guidelines.
  • Performance and risk of the Fund and the selected investment managers.
  • Investment manager contractual agreements and mandates.
  • Investment manager fee structures and the relative attractiveness thereof in the industry.
  • Responsible Investing framework.
  • Risk Monitoring and Management framework.
  • Transaction Costs framework, i.e. stockbroker costs.
  • Transition Management framework.
  • Securities Lending framework.
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Achieve your short, medium and long-term investment objectives.

A robust and well-defined investment strategy enables you to achieve your short, medium and long-term investment objectives in any market environment. We act as your investment architects and long term thinking investment partners thereby empowering you to optimally combine different asset classes, different investment styles and different type of mandates within a clear and well-defined performance and risk-managed framework.

Our wealth of experience of working in both the local investment advisory industry as well as our previous offshore investment management experience empowers us to provide you with practical and high impact recommendations. We value cost-effective, transparent and understandable yet innovative investment strategies.

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Implement a comprehensive IPS.

Once the investment strategy has been defined we empower you to implement a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which defines and includes the following:

  • Fund Performance Objectives.
  • Risk Budgets.
  • Long-term Strategic Asset Allocation.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation Ranges.
  • Rebalancing Policy.
  • Investment manager benchmarks, performance targets and risk guidelines.
  • Investment manager contractual agreements and mandates.
  • Investment manager fee structures.

In addition to the IPS we also assist you to implement complimentary policies such as a:

  • Responsible Investing Policy.
  • Risk Management Policy.
  • Transaction Cost Policy.
  • Transition Management Policy.
  • Securities Lending Policy.

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Superior selection and optimal implementation.

We empower you to select investment managers that have consistent investment philosophies, distinct and replicable investment processes and an ability to meet your performance objectives within a well defined risk managed framework and within pre-defined time horizons. We focus our investment manager research and selection process on in-depth qualitative, quantitative and operational research and on-site due diligence in order to guide you to select the optimal blend of investment managers that will lead to superior performance.

We then assist you to successfully implement the selected investment manager decisions by facilitating fee negotiations, setting appropriate benchmarks and incorporating all the regulatory requirements into the contractual agreements and mandates.

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We always count.

Our unique and refreshing performance and risk monitoring approach ensures that you receive full and fair disclosure of any performance and risk results, guaranteeing that all investment managers or products are assessed on a level and objective playing field. Our transparent reports empower you to fulfil your fiduciary role.

Be empowered to monitor the success of your long-term investment strategy as well as monitor investment managers against appropriate benchmarks, performance targets and risk guidelines.

Our performance and risk reports:

  • Offer global coverage of markets and investment managers.
  • Are timeous, up to date and always accurate.
  • Promote transparency and provide objective, fair and clear results.
  • Incorporates leading edge risk monitoring techniques.
  • Provide information on changes in the investment strategy and the positioning of your portfolio.

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Assets are always on the move.

Our transition management services encompass the professional project management of moving assets from one investment manager to another while not only controlling costs but, most importantly, controlling for investment and legal risks throughout the entire process.

If you need to implement any of the scenarios below, our expertise will ensure a seamless, cost-effective and optimized transition:

  • A revised investment strategy.
  • Asset allocation changes and rebalancing.
  • A new investment manager may need to be appointed.
  • New benchmarks and investment manager agreements.

The success of any investment implementation is the ability to integrate project management, legal oversight and contract management with skilled and timely execution and risk management.

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Risks that cannot be avoided should be managed.

A strong risk culture plays a critical role in the establishment of an effective risk management process. Risks that cannot be avoided should be managed, for example market risks. We assist you to incorporate protection strategies as an effective risk management tool to protect against adverse market volatility. We can also help you to implement currency hedging structures as the Rand is one of the most volatile currencies in the world.

The goal of a hedging strategy is to protect you from extreme losses whilst increasing your probability to meet your performance objectives in a controlled and risk managed framework.

  Let’s discuss how you can implement an optimal and suitable equity or currency hedge.
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Knowledge empowers dreams.

We host ongoing training workshops for investors. Such workshops are interactive and developed to suit your specific needs. Investments and education is our passion. We provide training on relevant topics in a simplistic yet informative manner. The better you understand investments, the more successful your decisions-making will be.

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