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We take a holistic look at your family’s wealth and offer you a tailor-made investment strategy. Let us assist you to implement a roadmap to success for generations to come.

We offer advice on:

  • Wealth creation.
  • Wealth retention.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Estate planning.
  • Risk cover.
  • Offshore investments.
  Let’s discuss how you can ensure that your legacy is stewarded.
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Relevant Insights & Research

  • Business Assurance
    Personal Investors
    WHAT IS BUSINESS ASSURANCE Running a business is by no means an easy operation. Business strategy is easy, implementation is hard and complex and bears many risks. Every business is faced with its own specific risks. To generate profits risks needs to be taken. Key is to avoid those risks that...
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  • Tax Free Savings Account
    Personal Investors
    A TFSA is a flexible and transparent discretionary savings solution for individuals to encourage them to save more in addition to the contributions they already make to Retirement Annuities, Pension- or Provident Funds. Any type of growth, e.g. interest, dividends and capital gains on the investments are tax free. INTRODUCTION Our...
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  • Investment Manager Selection
    Personal Investors
    Investing is a world where investment managers claim to be terrific and where they can typically back it up with some or other performance analytics. However, most investment managers actually underperform the market, making active management a losers’ game unless you have the skill to select superior investment managers...
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  • Can Global Equity Funds outperform the market?
    Personal Investors
    The changes in Regulation 28 allowing investors to invest up to 25% of its assets with offshore investment managers and an additional 5% in African investments (excluding South Africa) has placed a renewed focus on offshore investment strategy and investment manager selection. Outperforming the markets after fees consistently is not...
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  • How to pick the best financial advisor
    Personal Investors
    As Charles Ellis highlights in his paper - The Winners Game –  “… investment managers may or may not outperform their benchmarks, but if the investment consultant has not understood how best to meet the investor’s requirements, its game over. It’s actually the investment consultant and not the investment manager...
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  • Cost-drag on investment performance
    Personal Investors
     “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” - John.F Kennedy Introduction If you were a pro-cyclist trying to win the Argus and you could (legally and honestly) increase your chances of reaching your goal by just shaving off some weight...
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  • We are an award-winning investment consulting business and our clients are top performers. “Black Swan” events are random and unexpected. They are the unpredictable unknowns such as Brexit and Trump. “GraySwans”, as we coined the term and named our business, are those risks that can be identified and which may have unintended adverse...
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