David Maetla

Head of PeerGroup Surveys & Senior Investment Consultant

“You have to be humble as you execute but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspiration”

David is one of the most experienced black investment consultants in South Africa. He has 28 years’ investment experience of which 26 years as an investment consultant and 2 years in investment management. His loyal and courageous competence always puts the client at the center of any transaction.

David has had a prestigious career at most of the largest investment consulting houses in South Africa where he consulted to a very wide range of retirement funds and medical aid scheme funds. He has provided investment advisory services to various South African clients including platinum mining retirement funds as well as municipal pension funds.

David is a wide-eyed appreciator of nature’s soothing tranquility – be it the sound of birds or a mountaintop view. Family comes first for this humble and warm-hearted team player.

National Diploma in Wealth Management;
Financial Services Board Regulatory Exams;
Currently enrolled for Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning.