Optimally invest your cash.

We can offer a call account to private companies, Trusts and NPOs whereby you receive a market related interest rate based on the average of the top four qualifying’ South African money market unit trust funds on a daily basis plus 0.15% less any administrative fees. There are various fixed term options available as well.

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Be tax smart.

If your company wishes to implement solutions that provide higher after tax returns on excess liquid cash as well as protection from capital volatility we advise you to construct a Tax Efficient Cash Plus solution. Such a solution provides returns mainly in the form of dividends and offers capital preservation with 24-hour liquidity.

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Taking care of your employees.

It is best practice for your company to provide a retirement savings and risk group scheme to employees. Setting up a retirement offering is not as complicated and costly as you might think. We can assist you to set up the most optimal group scheme for your employees.

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Risks that cannot be avoided should be managed.

A strong risk culture plays a critical role in the establishment of an effective risk management process for your company. Optimal hedging strategies can protect you against adverse market or currency volatility. If you’re exposed to currency markets then such risks can be managed within a predefined risk budget and via the use of cost effective and optimal hedging strategies.

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The price of greatness is responsibility.

As a business operating in South Africa, the BEE rating of your company could be a deciding factor in attracting projects and clients. In the past trying to earn points for Enterprise Development specifically often meant giving up returns. We can assist you to create solutions where your company which can earn Enterprise Development points towards your DTI scorecard while earning returns from profit making enterprises with explicit social impact goals.

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Intentionally steward your legacy.

As a business owner, it is crucial to consider what will happen to your business in the event that you or one of the partners are no longer there. You need to ensure that the business you spent your entire life to build, has a proper succession plan to facilitate a smooth exit of any of the partners, whether by death of disability.

We assist you to draw up a Business Assurance plan that covers the following aspects:

  • Key person insurance.
  • Contingent liability insurance.
  • Buy & sell insurance.

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