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  • The Costs of Entering Africa
    Learning Curve
    Africa presents investors with enticing opportunities. The question remains whether this comes at too high a cost. In this article we focus on the listed equity asset class and identify the costs around investing in listed equity in Africa. The investor will need to be aware of 3 layers of...
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  • Debt Markets Explained
    Learning Curve
    Debt instruments include nominal bonds, index linked bonds (ILBs) and money market instruments. These instruments are grouped under debt as their characteristics are similar to loans where the investor lends money to a company who pays back the “loan” with regular payments. These instruments can either be listed such as...
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  • 10 Questions Trustees should ask
    Learning Curve
    10 Questions Trustees should ask Investment consultants are Trustees’ long-term strategic investment thinking partners. When selecting a consultant the Trustees therefore need to make a long-term decision. Selecting an investment manager is all about the four “p’s” i.e. philosophy, process, people and performance. So, why should selecting an investment consultant be any...
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  • What is Long / Short Equity?
    Learning Curve
    Long / Short Equity is an investment strategy designed to reduce downside risk exposure and increase risk adjusted returns. In this snippet we explain how the Long / Short Equity strategy works and also compare the performance of Long / Short Equity funds to the traditional Equity funds over the past 5 years and also...
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  • An Introduction to Transition Management
    Learning Curve
    Assets are often on the move. Every time an asset moves there are costs and risks involved. What is a Transition? An investor’s investment strategy may need to be enhanced by changing the long-term Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) i.e. the mix between equities, bonds, property and cash or taking advantage of...
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