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  • Direction Determines Destination
    Duncan's Desk
    DIRECTION DETERMINES DESTINATION NEW BUSINESS PARTNER - Mettle Investments owned by Tradehold - Tradehold’s controlling shareholder is Christo Wiese - Dynamic, boutique and entrepreneurial - No distractions, business as usual As Christo Wiese once said, “Every big business starts as a small business. It’s all about walking across the street. It’s about opportunity and opportunism.” As of...
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  • Premium Innovation
    Duncan's Desk
    How to pick the best Investment Advisor As Charles Ellis highlights in his paper “The Winners Game” investment managers may or may not outperform their benchmarks, but if the investment adviser has not understood how best to manage and meet the investor’s requirements, its game over. It's actually the investment...
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  • Conditioned for Excellence
    Duncan's Desk
    Conditioned for Excellence None of us wants to fall into the mediocrity trap. The start of the year is an essential time to self-evaluate and strategise on how to condition ourselves for excellence. Albeit that we are proud to advise to a client base in excess of R12 billion and have...
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  • Looking Back, Planning Forward
    Duncan's Desk
    Thinking Back, Planning Forward This reflection will help you take an emotional, professional, personal, and financial account of how your experiences in the last 365 days has shaped you. It will help you to step more confidently into 2016. We have some ideas to ensure that you make informed and wise...
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