Our advisory track record over the past 6 years of outperforming the peer group over the short, medium and long term is proof of our superior fund selection ability and an advisory process that works and which we have defined over the past two decades of advising to and managing many of the most prestigious investor’s assets in South Africa.

As from 3 July 2017, GraySwan launched three Fund of Fund unit trust funds. Such liquid and fully transparent savings vehicles now provide our private clients with another highly cost effective and very competitive option to access the best of breed local and offshore investment managers and funds available and such within a regulated investment structure.

The Aggressive Fund of Funds aims to consistently outperform the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) South-African Multi Asset High Equity category (after investment fees) over any 3-year rolling period. The Fund of Funds therefore targets high real returns and is aimed at investors that have a medium to high-risk tolerance and with an investment time horizon of 5 years and longer.

Download Aggressive FoF November 2018